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Founded in 1996, Wang Kei Yip Group (“Wang Kei Yip Development Limited and its associated companies”) is a leading Hong Kong-based company specializing in the manufacturing and processing of secondary aluminium alloy ingots and trading of aluminum scrap.  Wang Kei Yip (“WKY”) has expanded into mainland China with an aim to explore the untapped metal resources and sustain China enormous demand for non-ferrous metals since early 2007. Currently, the Group, either through independent third party or ourselves, operates two processing factories in the Guangdong Province, the PRC, one of which is operated through the processing arrangements with Zhaoqing Qian Sheng Aluminium Industry Company Limited and one is operated by Zhaoqing Southern Aluminium Recycling Co. Ltd. with a total production area of over 100,000 square meters.
 In early 2008, Wang Kei Yip has entered processing agreement with Zhaoqing Qian Sheng Aluminium Industry Company Limited to produce secondary aluminium ingots. By investing heavily on its processing facilities to support various kinds of metal processing and production, Qian Sheng has delivered an efficient and comprehensive range of services for its clients. PRC Government license and permission is also obtained to guarantee safety and quality.  Qian Sheng has become one of the leading producers of secondary aluminum alloy ingots in the Guangdang Province and has entitled to many awards.

In 2010, the Group has set up wholly foreign-owned enterprises in Guangdong Sihui City namely Zhaoqing Southern Aluminum Recycling Company Limited. Covering about 140 acres, it is located in Zhaoqing City with a workforce of approximately a few hundred people. The company is committed to create a clean, environmental-friendly and efficient working environment by using natural gas; the construction of environmental protection equipment such as dual-chamber fuel-efficient stoves to reduce energy consumption, and three sets of independent low-voltage pulse dust removal system to achieve clean and energy-saving.

The Group invests a lot of resources in improving the production process, system enhancement and quality management. The Group produces 70,000 tons of secondary aluminum alloy ingots each year. Further, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China has issued the scrap import permit for the group processing factory.

Over the years, we have established reliable network with suppliers of zobra in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. Most of the suppliers are market players in the aluminums recycling industry with established business track records. Further, we are a significant player in the aluminums recycling industry with diversified and stable customer base comprising renowned automotive companies such as Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Mitsui etc.