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High-quality supplier network
We have successfully established a network of quality suppliers, including suppliers from Australia, Europe, the United States, with decades of experience in supply of scrap metal, after many years of experience, and establish good business relationship, and a steady supply of raw materials for manufacturing operations.。

Trading & Processing
With a wide range of processing facilities and a workforce of hundreds of staff, WKY is dedicated to trading and exporting a wide variety of scrap. It runs its exporting business on an international scale and offers a great range of metals in all shapes and sizes.
Metals are mostly exported to serve the burgeoning global metal recycling markets. In recent years, the company has strived to extend its market in mainland China, which is regarded as one of the markets with most potential for growth. The result of its extension of business into mainland China was satisfactory. Its profitability through exporting and trading of metals keeps increasing over years despite tough market situations. It has strong regional linkage and top quality products which clients can fully rely on. Its customer base includes various reputable multinationals from all over the world and it keeps expanding over years. It has considerable trading and exporting experience to help satisfy the very diverse needs of its clients.